Tree Disease Diagnosis Services from Your Toronto Arborist

Removing a tree from your property is often a costly and complicated process. Because of this, it is often more cost-effective to save existing trees from dying by having a certified Toronto arborist diagnosis and cure your tree. D. Andrew White offers full tree disease diagnosis services and can help save the tree, or if it is determined that the tree is past saving, he will help fill out an arborist report to facilitate the removal of a tree. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with D. Andrew White, call today.

Possible Diseases or Causes of Damage

  • Fungus infestation
  • Bacteria
  • Root problems
  • Pest infestation (insects, caterpillars, mites, small animals, etc.)
  • Lightning strike
  • Big animals
  • Vehicle damage
  • Excess fertilizer or herbicides
  • Contaminated soil
  • Too little soil
  • Not enough sun
  • Too much sun
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