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In addition to my arborist and tree care services, I want to make sure that you are fully informed about any trees on your property and how to best care for them. On this page, you’ll find a number of helpful resources regarding trees and tree care. For more information, call or email me today.

Urban Trees (Part 1)

Learn more about some of the common varieties of trees found in urban environments, including maple, oak, cedar, pine and spruce trees.

Urban Trees (Part 2)

Learn about more common varieties of trees, including ash, ailanthus, English oak, American white oak, cottonwood, linden, Manitoba maple, Norway maple and eastern white pine trees.

Urban Trees (Part 3)

Learn about more common varieties of trees, including white cedar, red pine, Scots pine, jack pine, black spruce, tulip-tree, katsura, weeping willow, European beech, northern catalpa, walnut, shagbark, fig and hickory trees.

Urban Trees (Part 4)

In this article, you’ll find information on even more trees commonly found in urban areas, including honey locust, Japanese maple, magnolia, azalea, chestnut, white elm, sycamore, Kentucky coffee tree, Cyprus, fir and birch trees.

Common Tree Fungus

The Mycota, or the Fungi, are usually considered to be a separate taxonomic Kingdom from either plants or animals. A sampling of toadstools from Southern Ontario is described in this article.

Common Tree Diseases and Pests

Read about a variety of common tree diseases and pests, such as sudden oak death, Asian longhorned beetles, tent caterpillars, chestnut blight, emerald ash borers, white pine blister rust and more.

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